Bayern Munich to use Manchester City’s tactics against them

Bayern Munich to use Manchester City’s tactics against them

The summer of 2018 has seen a number of interesting transfers, which have already had a positive effect on the team. The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of the young Spanish player, David Silva. The player was a free agent and the club paid a large sum of money for him.
It is worth noting that the transfer of Silva is not the only one, as the club also made a number acquisitions in the summer. Among them, we can highlight the following:
1. Lucas Torreira. The Portuguese player was bought for 100 million euros. The club paid the sum of 100 million for the player, but the club did not want to pay the full amount, so they offered him a lower price. The price of the player was also reduced by 20 million euros, so the club will have to pay only 50 million. The transfer of Lucas Torréira is a good example of how the club is trying to strengthen the team, and it is worth highlighting that the club has already managed to strengthen its position in the standings.
2. In the summer, the club bought the young goalkeeper, Lukas Fabianski. The goalkeeper cost the club 100 million.
3. The club also bought the defender, Dejan Lovren. The cost of the defender was 100 million, but he is already a very important player for the club.
4. Also in the transfer market, the team bought the midfielder, Alisson. The fee of the midfielder was 100 thousand euros.
5. Finally, the transfer that has been the most interesting for the fans is the acquisition by the club of the striker, Alexis Sanchez. The striker cost the team 100 million and the cost of his transfer was 100% of the money the club spent on the player.
All these transfers have already made a positive impact on the club, and now the team is trying not to lose points in matches, which will be a good opportunity to strengthen their position in La Liga.
The team’s fixtures in the current season
The current season is the third consecutive failure for Bayern Munich. The team has not managed to win the Champions League, and the last time the club won the trophy was in 1990.
In the current campaign, the first games of the new season were not successful for the team and the fans. The first games were not very successful, because the team lost to Borussia Dortmund and lost to Liverpool. However, the fans were expecting a more positive result, and they were not disappointed.
After that, the players started to improve their game, and after the first matches, they managed to get a positive result. The fans were pleased with the result, but they were expecting the team to win.
However, the result of the team’s games in the domestic arena was not so successful. The players managed to score only 4 goals, and in the matches against Borussia, Napoli and Sevilla, the score was 2:1.
This is the result that the team needs to be able to compete in the Champions league. However the team has a number matches ahead, and this will be the most important for the future.
Bayern Munich’s fixtures for the current year
The club is in the middle of the domestic championship, and there are a number games ahead. The current season has already shown that the players are not able to perform at their best, and therefore, they need to strengthen themselves.
One of the main tasks of the club in the near future is to finish in the top-4. This will allow the club to enter the Champions Cup, which is a tournament for the best teams in the world.
At the moment, Bayern is in a difficult situation. The last time they entered the Champions cup was in 1991. However this time, the problem is even more serious. The previous time, they were in the playoffs, but in the second round, they lost to Juventus.

The main goal for the season is to get into the Champions club. However it is not a guarantee that the fans will be able see the team in the tournament. The situation in the club’s fixtures is not so good, and if the team fails to get to the playoffs in the next season, then it will be extremely difficult for them to enter into the club tournament.
Fans’ expectations for the next year
In summer, many players left the club and joined other clubs. The most important transfer of this summer was that of the Spanish player. The young player cost the clubs 100 million dollars, but it is clear that the cost was not the full price.
Many fans were not happy with the transfer, but for the players, it was a good decision. The Spanish player is a young player, who is able to help the team improve its position.
Another transfer that the clubs made was the purchase of the goalkeeper, Alaba. The clubs bought the goalkeeper for 100 thousand dollars. The goal of the clubs was to strengthen his position, and for this, they bought the player for 100% the cost.
As for the transfer fee, it is a very good decision, because it is important for a number clubs. For example, the clubs that bought the players for 100 millions, will have a good chance to get in the European Cup.

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