The rise and fall of Paul Pogba

The rise and fall of Paul Pogba

The summer of 2016 was marked by a lot of events, which, in the end, led to the departure of Manchester United’s star player, Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese coach was not the first choice of the club’ s management, but he was able to convince the players, who were tired of the mediocre results of the team, to give him a chance.
The first season of the Portuguese’ coaching career was unsuccessful for the Red Devils, as they finished in the last place of the Premier League, and the team was defeated by the team of Manchester City in the Champions League.
However, the following season was even worse for the team. The team of Mourinho was defeated in the Europa League, as well as in the League Cup. The defeat of the Red devils in the English Premier League was a real blow to the club, as it was the first time that a club from the country of Jose Mourinho had failed to win the coveted trophy.

The failure of the Mourinho’ team in the domestic arena was a serious blow to Jose’’ club, but the Portuguese coach managed to turn the situation around, and managed to win back the fans’ trust. The success of the coach was so great, that he was invited to manage the team in Serie A.
In the second season of his career, the Portuguese managed to make a real comeback, and was able not only to win, but to win in the first round, as the team managed to beat Juventus.
Despite the fact that the season ended with a defeat in the final match of the championship, the team had managed to achieve a great result, and this fact is a real proof of the trust that the fans have in the Portuguese.
After the failure of Manchester united, the club started to attract a lot more attention, as a result, the fans started to expect a lot from the team as a whole.
This was the reason for the rise of the young players, and it is now clear that the team is starting to become a real contender for the title.
What to expect from the young team of the Old Trafford
The season of 2016/17 has already shown that the Old Manchester United is not a team that can be counted on for a long time. The club has been in the top 4 for a number of years, and despite the fact, that the previous season it was in the middle of the standings, it managed to qualify for the Champions’ League. However, the previous year, the Old Man United was defeated at the group stage.
It is now obvious that the club needs to do a lot to improve its position in the standings. The main problem is the lack of motivation of the players. The previous season, the players were not able to show their maximum, and they did not want to leave the group.
For this reason, the season has already ended with the defeat in a match against Ajax, which is a clear sign of the lack in motivation of players.
Another problem is that the players have not been able to find their game. The most obvious problem is Pogba, who was not able in the previous matches to get into the team and show his maximum.
Pogba has already left the club for Juventus, and his departure is a serious loss for the club. The player has already become a symbol of the failure in the team’, and he has become a burden for the management.
Fans have already lost patience with the team over the past season, and now they are ready to lose even more points in order to win gold medals.
Main results of Juventus in the Serie A
The previous season of Serie A, Juventus was one of the main contenders for the champion title. The season was marked with a lot events, and in the summer, the Italian club was able, once again, to get a good result.
At the beginning of the season, Juventus had a very difficult start, as many teams were able to take advantage of the problems of the Bianconeri. However in the second half of the tournament, the results started to improve.
Among the most obvious reasons for the improvement of the results of Juve in the season were:
1. Good selection of players in the starting line-up.
2. Good teamwork.
3. Good performance of the leaders.
4. Good preparation of the bench.
5. Good management of the game.
6. Good results of other teams.
7. Good transfers of the best players.

In order to understand the results, it is important to understand how the team started the season.
During the first rounds, the lineup of Juventus was quite unstable, as several players were able not to play, and others were injured. However after the first matches, the situation began to improve, and by the middle part of the campaign, the line-ups were stable.
By the end of the Serie a, the Biancons were in the lead of the fight for the first place, and their main competitors were Milan and Inter.
Juventus’ main goal was to win a place in the European Cup zone, as this would be the first step towards the Champions league.
Results of Juventus’ matches in the championship
The team started well, and after the middle rounds, it began to lose points.

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