Mourinho: “Matic is a very important player for us”

Mourinho: “Matic is a very important player for us”

It is now clear that the main rival for the title is Real Madrid. The team of Josep Guardiola has already managed to win the Champions League, and now it is expected to win La Liga.
The main goal of the Meringues is to win gold medals in the international arena. This season, the team has already shown great results. The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The coach of the Royal Club, Josep Mourinho, has repeatedly said that he does not want to win trophies, but to win titles.

The coach of Meringue, however, is not satisfied with the results of the club. He is ready to do anything to win more titles. The reason for this is the fact that the team of Mourinho is not very popular.
It was recently reported that the Matic is the main star of the current season. The player is not only the main player, but also a good defender. He has already become a great sensation in the transfer market.
However, the player has not yet fully recovered from a serious injury. The club is ready for him to play, but it is still unclear how the injury will affect his game.
Livescore today
It has already been revealed that the livescore today of the main team of the Old Continent is very interesting. The following teams are the main rivals of the Madrid team:
* Barcelona;
* Real;
* Atletico.
Many fans are interested in the livescores of the following teams:
1. Barcelona.
2. Real Madrid;
3. Atletico;
4. Valencia.
In addition, there are also interesting matches of other teams: Valencia, Valencia CF, Valencia Eibar, Valencia Sport, Valencia Celta, and Valencia Espanyol.
Fans can always find out the liveshortscores on the website of sports statistics.
Main rivals of Barcelona
The Meringos have already won the Champions Cup and the Copa del Rey. Now, the main goal is to get to the Champions league. The Catalans have already managed this, but they have a number of problems.
First of all, the fans of the Catalans are not very happy with the coach of this team. Josep Maria Bartomeu is a good coach, but he does his best to please his players, and not to please the fans.
Barcelona has a number problems with the livesurveillance. The first problem is the selection of the players. The players are not selected in the right way. The second problem is that the club does not have a good selection of players for each position.
This is the third problem. The Meringo’s team is not the strongest in the team, and the players are forced to use their skills in a bad way.
Real Madrid is another team that is very interested in Barcelona. The problem is not so serious, because the team does not need to win, but only to get into the Champions’ league zone.
Atletico is another rival of the Barcelona. However, the problem of this club is that it has a good lineup, but the coach does not always use it.
Valencia and Eibari are other clubs that are interested not only in the Champions, but in the Europa League.
Interesting livescoring today of Barcelona
It can be seen that the fans are not happy with many things in the club of Jose Mourinho. The fans of Barcelona are not satisfied by the fact, that the coach often does not use his players in the best way. It is clear that there are many problems, but fans are still interested in livescors.
Recently, the club has been in a good shape. The problems of the coach are not so important, because he is able to solve them. The current season of the Catalan club is interesting, because it is the first time that the players of the first team have won the Cophia del Rey and the Champions cup.
As a result, the Mers have already become the main contender for the victory in the Spanish championship. The next season, it will be even more difficult to get a place in the European zone. However it is clear, that this season will be decisive for the club’s position in the standings.
All livescore of the teams of the EPL
The EPL season has already ended, and it has been a busy time for the clubs. The leading teams of English football have already left the tournament. The teams of Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United have already played in the tournament, and they left it with a positive result.
There were a lot of interesting matches, and fans have already learned a lot. The most interesting game was the game between Manchester United and Chelsea. The game ended in a draw. The score was 1:1.
Chelsea was the favorite of the tournament for a long time. The previous season, they won the Premier League, but this time they did not win the Europa league.
Manchester City was the second team of England, and this season they have already lost to Chelsea.
Now, the leaders of the Premier league are:
• Manchester United;
• Liverpool;
The team of Manchester United is not in the strongest shape.

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