Wenger out completely – the next few days will be decisive

Wenger out completely – the next few days will be decisive

Wenger out completely – the next few days will be decisive for the club

The crisis at the London Arsenal has reached a new level. The team has lost its leader, the coach and the main striker. The club is in the middle of a crisis, which will not end soon. The situation is very serious, because the team is in a very difficult position. The players are tired of this situation.
The situation is especially serious in the attack, because Wenger’s team is not able to compete with the leaders of the Premier League and the Champions League.
It is clear that the crisis at Arsenal is connected with the failure of the transfer policy of the club. The management has not been able to strengthen the team, and this has led to the fact that the situation at the club is getting worse.
In the last season, the team won only three points in the fight for the title. The fans of the Gunners are tired and want to see a change. The new coach, Unai Emery, is a new coach and has a new tactical system. The Arsenal has a good chance of winning the title again, but the fans are not satisfied with the results of the team.

The fans are dissatisfied with the lack of motivation of the players. The Gunners have not been in the Champions’ League for a long time, so they are tired. The main problem of the new coach is the lack motivation of his players.
Emery has not managed to motivate his players, and they do not want to play in the Europa League. The leaders of Arsenal are tired, and the situation in the team has worsened.
Arsenal’sthe new coach has a big task: to get the team to the Champions league. The current season has shown that the team can not compete with some of the best teams in the world.
However, the Gunner’slackness of the leaders has not stopped the team from winning the Europa league.
This season, Arsenal has the best chance of getting into the Champions tournament. The first place in the Premier league is almost a guarantee.
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Latest results of Arsenal
The Gunners were in the top 4 for a few weeks, but now the situation has worsened significantly. The results of their games in the English Premier league are not encouraging. The most serious problem of Emery’sconsistency.
After the start of the season, it was obvious that the Gunnarsson’team was not going to win the title, because they were not able in the first half of the championship to get into the top four.
Now, the situation is even worse. The leader of the Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez, has not played for the team for a year, and now the team does not have a reliable striker.
Despite the fact, that the players are not able, they are not going anywhere. The problem of Arsenal is not the lack in motivation of their players, but they are still able to fight for gold medals.
They need to get to the top of the English league and will be able to do this. The next few matches will be very important for the Gunns, because if they do well, they will have a chance to get a place in Europe.
Live football results of other teams
The current season of the EPL is not going well for the Arsenal. The London team is a real outsider of the elite, and it is clear now that the new season will be difficult for the players of the London team. The problems of the squad are connected with several factors.
First of all, the lackadaisical attitude of the coach. Unai has not had time to prepare the team properly, and there is a lack of professionalism in the game.
Secondly, the transfer ban of the main stars of the previous season. The ban was imposed by the EFL, but it has not worked. The teams that were banned were able to get out of the tournament.
Thirdly, the failure to find a reliable replacement for the injured Sanchez. The failure of Arsenal to find the right striker is another reason for the failure in the current season.
There is a chance that the club will be in the Epl top 4, but if they can not find a solution to the problem of Sanchez, they may not be able.
New season of EPL on the website of sports statistics
The new season of English Premier League is about to begin. The fight for victory in the championship will begin soon. This season, there will be a lot of interesting matches, because there are a lot to choose from.
As for the Premier, the fight will be particularly intense, because of the following reasons:
1. The lack of experience of the teams. The clubs that have not played in the premier league for a number of years have a lot more experience.
2. The instability of the champion. In the current championship, there are only two teams that have been in top 4 in the last three years.
3. A lot of strong teams that are ready to fight against each other.
All the teams will have to do their best to win gold medals, because this is a very important trophy for the clubs.

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